Course Information


Olympic Swim--2 laps

Sprint Swim--1 lap

1500 meters 

800 meters

Swim in the beautiful Wickiup Reservoir with the Cascade Mountains as your backdrop.  

The course will be a “diamond” shape.  You will head toward the first orange buoy and site your way to the 2nd orange buoy.  At the 2nd buoy you will turn and head back towards the large yellow buoy.  Olympic distance athletes will turn at the yellow bouy and do a 2nd lap.  Sprint Athletes and Try a Tri will head straight to the boat ramp once they pass the yellow buoy.  See map for a visual of the course. 



The Swim Start is a self seed time trial start where 2 swimmers will enter the water at the same time.  This means no mass start.  Swimmers will line up based on their estimated time.  Faster swimmers will go first. An example of swimmers lining up based on time: (Olympic Triathlon under 25 minutes, under 30 minutes, under 35 minutes, etc—Sprint Triathlon under 15 minutes, under 20 minutes under 25 minutes, under 30 minutes, etc)

Reminder: Wetsuits are highly recommended! The average temperature is 63 degrees. 


There will be parking on Twin Lakes Road and parking on FS 4262-but not on the run course.  All parking will be head in on the right hand side only.  We must leave room for Emergency Vehicles.

DD 2021 map.jpg

Transition Area

Transition Area will be in the Upper Parking Lot of North Wickiup Boating Site.


Aid Station

There will be 3 Aid Stations on the course.  Each aid station will be supplied with water, Hammer Heed (electrolyte), and Hammer Gels.

There will be an aid Station at 1.5/4.5 mile mark on the run and at the 3 mile mark (North Twin Lake).

There will also be an aid station in Transition at the Run Out.